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Informatics is more than computer technology. It is the entirety of human knowledge about information and its application.

We, at Portologic, know this.

Our goal is to create synergy between humans and technology, to make the opportunities created by network computing and mobile communications comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly.


Analyzing the real needs and objectives of our clients provides the basis for the success of our enterprise. Our solutions and ancillary services transform technological opportunities into values that facilitate the achievement of our partners’ objectives.

Data protection of our clients is of paramount importance for us. Our solutions are developed and implemented in accordance with the strictest standards, using state-of-the-art security solutions. Permanent security monitoring is one of our basic services.

While creating solutions, we ensure that our systems can easily be used without any special knowledge. We are committed to devising new technologies that assist customers to use information tools more efficiently, in a simpler manner and better geared to their objectives.

We provide our partners a broad spectrum of services, from consulting and assessment of their needs, to hot-line servicing, as well as operation, maintenance and supervision. We continually analyze the effectiveness of our solutions, seeking new ways to improve them.

IT jobs for Africa
We are looking for project based software developers. Click here for the application form.
October 20, 2019.
Project WW started
PortoLogic Ltd. has become the IT service provider of the project WW.
We are looking for young designers. Click here for details.